Premmerce Affiliate Program

Premmerce Affiliate Program

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How does it work?

Premmerce affiliate program is very clear and easy way to earn with our Plugins

Register here as an affiliate. Its 1 min onlyGenerate your URL and place it on your site or blog to be noticedWhenever a customer clicks on the link he is redirected to PremmerceThe customer makes a purchaseYou get 20% from the purchase for each customer!

Program Summary

  • 20% commission when a customer purchases a new license.
  • Get commission for automated subscription renewals.
  • 60-day tracking cookie after the first visit to maximize earnings potential.
  • $100 minimum payout amount.
  • Payouts are in USD and processed monthly via PayPal.
  • As we reserve 30 days for potential refunds, we only pay commissions that are older than 30 days.

Our recommendation how to
effectively apply your affiliate link

Place it on your website

Tell about your experience and success working with Premmerce Plugins in your personal blog.

Share it on Social Media

Consider giving affiliate link on Twitter, Facebook, or another social media platform.

Use community of users

Join WordPress and WooCommerce Communities and share your experience and your project links with active users.

  Use it in guest posts

Show how easy one can manage an eCommerce store with Premmerce Plugins.

  Communicate with your customers via emails

Tell about your experience and Premmerce Plugins to your existing loyal clients and customers.

Join thousands of affiliates from across the world

Content creators, eStore and Blog owners, course educators, influencers, and review sites are helping their audiences launch successful eCommerce stores with Premmerce Plugins while earning competitive referral commission. Join the team!



What clients say about Premmerce

Great, free, useful plugin if you want your category link to be yourURL/category name and product link to be yourURL/product-name. Even skips parent category names. Thank you so much!
Riley Pearcy
THi All, We us this plugin for a big website we run. This plugin works with the famous WPML plugin. It’s removes the Product category base and the shop link in a Multilingual website. Must have for all WooCommerce users!!! Regards from a satisfied user.
Lian Perry
The Premmerce Filter is BY FAR the best product filter plugin available for WordPress. It works well out of the box with a great layout. It’s something that you would think would be so simple, but finding a great product filter tool sure wasn’t easy. Really love how well it integrates with the Premmerce Brands plugin as well. Thanks!!
Rommie Mercer
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  • Program Summary


    Enter the domain of your website or other websites from where you plan to promote the plugin.

    Please feel free to provide any relevant website or social media statistics, e.g. monthly unique site visits, number of email subscribers, followers, etc. (we will keep this information confidential).

    Please provide details on how you intend to promote Premmerce Product Search for WooCommerce (please be as specific as possible).

    Apply to become an affiliate