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Premmerse Affiliatiom Program. How it works?

17 August 21
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So you’re enjoying one of our plugins (honestly, there could be no other way?) and would like to spread the word about it. Talking with friends and colleagues isn’t bad, but we’ve partnered with come up with something even more appealing. The transparent affiliate program for everyone who wants to join in making e-commerce great. Simple entry, user-friendly management dashboard, and regular payments are all it takes to share the valuable resource and reap the benefits of 20%-commission from every new license and automated subscription renewals.

Here’s how to become a Premmerce affiliation ace in just a few minutes (screenshots are provided)!

First, you have to register yourself into the system. And there are 3 options exactly to enter the pool. One of the most obvious is through your personal plugin dashboard, with an “Affiliation” button.

The second one is with the help of our website, with a comprehensive program summary.

Either way, once you’re on the list, you’ll get the approval letter on the registered e-mail.

Follow the link and you’ll be redirected to a “Set password” page, where you can enter your own password. Cyrillic and Latin letters are allowed as well as numbers and special characters.

Repeat the password and check the “Stay logged in” box to save some time ahead.

After signing in you’ll get to the personal dashboard which looks like a list of informational tabs with the tables:

These are all the important fields to check out, with:

Orders History – to track the orders made by a referral link;

Renewals&Billing – to track the status of a current payment;

In the “My profile” tab you can change the password, upload a photo and edit the billing details such as an address, email, and phone.

In the “FAQ” section you find the answers to the most often asked questions and yours (if there’s any) would be, probably, among them.

If not, simply go to the next tab “Support”, choose your product and issue category, and proceed with actions.

The necessary analytics are also there:

Performance states the general number of visits with your link and referral ones along with the earnings from them;

Affiliate URLs where you find the links to copy and send to the potentially interested acquaintances;

Referrals, Visits Log and Payouts provide more in-depth info on referrals effect and processed payments.

And that’s it! Didn’t we say it takes minutes to grasp the concept and operational specifics to start earning for useful recommendations?

Don’t let the chance slip by and let’s make more e-stores closer to the dream service with an added cash bonus to enjoy.

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What clients say about Premmerce

Great, free, useful plugin if you want your category link to be yourURL/category name and product link to be yourURL/product-name. Even skips parent category names. Thank you so much!
Riley Pearcy
THi All, We us this plugin for a big website we run. This plugin works with the famous WPML plugin. It’s removes the Product category base and the shop link in a Multilingual website. Must have for all WooCommerce users!!! Regards from a satisfied user.
Lian Perry
The Premmerce Filter is BY FAR the best product filter plugin available for WordPress. It works well out of the box with a great layout. It’s something that you would think would be so simple, but finding a great product filter tool sure wasn’t easy. Really love how well it integrates with the Premmerce Brands plugin as well. Thanks!!
Rommie Mercer
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